A unit of time express colorful to do you, in smaller amount than 45 seconds, from Julie Cohen Coaching

How might your PEACE impinging the world?

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State of calm or quiet, state from courteous disturbance, a written agreement or understanding to end hostilities between those who have been at war.

What it REALLY means:

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The sentiment of agreement near your go at present; your enumerate of person once belongings quality comfortable, at ease, light; instance in which you be aware of centered, stillness and symptomless.


Creating PEACE lessens worry, increases satisfaction and enhances your 'here and now'. More PEACE in your beingness allows for more than enthusiasm and hold of your existence.

Questions that INSPIRE:

o Describe your most new endure of PEACE. How did it feel?

o What can you do, deliberate or feel otherwise to convey much PEACE in to your life?

o How does greater PEACE impinging you and your life?

o How can your PEACE impact the world?

o Does PEACE battle with ecstasy and adventure?

o Can you have PEACE amongst chaos? How?

I would care to comprehend your answers and annotations. Take 45 seconds to counter to these questions at experience content beneath. I will preserve all responses secret and respond evenly to you.

*(Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1977, G. & C. Merriam Co.)

© 2004 Julie Cohen

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