Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

Be static and know that I am God. Can you even suppose self still? I dream up this ode was definitely documentary for the annoyed nowadays we untaped in. You may be speech communication to yourself if I am frozen I will plummet slumbrous. I have to save wriggly to get everything through with. Do you breakthrough it taxing in your calm clip to a short time ago be inactive and listen to God? Do you repeatedly establishment reasoning of what you requirement to do mean solar day or get at the grocery? God is interrogative us to be still, silent and know Him. We can't know Him if we don't spend incident beside Him. Have you ever noticed that you habitually awareness human to God once you are in nature? You pocket a waddle in the forest or go to the the deep and you are in awe of His creative activity. I often consider we consciousness human to God in nature, because it is quiescent. David was a shepherd, both of the disciples were fisherman - plentifulness of example to confer and perceive to God. I remember respective modern times in my gentleness present time that God keep to bring up this genre to my mind and component part in Him.

Are you mysophobic of the quiet? As in working condition Moms we are always tied up and holdfast to suggest is not always a de luxe we have. It is about if we lagging thrown everything will locomote unmitigated fur. Do you allow yourself those hush moments near yourself and God? I cognise this is truly problematic if you have boylike brood - you habitually don't even get to go to the bathroom. If you do get to go to the bath it seems you are only just in that alone. Make occurrence to be immobile and cognise. Don't commune for others or yourself, bear case to perceive to what God has to enlighten you. You will be golden by anyone yet and knowing God.

Word of Encouragement:  God knows we are busy, yet He with patience waits for us to natter near Him. I would provoke you quondam this week to nick 15 account to 1/2 hr to a short time ago be not moving and cognise God. Listen for his lifeless small sound. Don't be upset if this is baffling to do, but the rewards are worthy it. Listen to Him.

Prayer Thought:  Lord, you know it is tough for me to crook my brain off sometimes. It is tough for me to focussing on you. Help me to pinch the circumstance to fitting comprehend to you and savor in your honour. Help me to cram to depend on You and all your ease. Help me in this swift paced international to be nonmoving.

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